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Unique Ingredient- Kinglod Berries

The hills and valleys of Uttarakhand are blessed with nature’s gift. There are very many berries that we hardly see in cities. One would come across them while traveling to villages or remote location. This in a way is good as our greed would have rendered the berries extinct.

One such berry which our ground reporter Naveen found out recently is called Kinglod in local dialect. Though common in Uttarakhand, but not generally seen on the plains. 

Kinglod fruiting peaks in summer season, the berries are succulent, sweet and sour in taste. Not only the children in the hill but also the goats love them. When the berry is young and green, it tastes sour like the powerful sea buckthorn. When ripened, the colour changes to purple and tastes slightly sweet.

The berries are cooling in nature and are excellent source of vitamin C. The root of this plant is medicinal. People in the hills use it for making homemade fermented drink.

I would appreciate of you can share some more information about this berry and share your experience of seeing or using Kinglod.

 More unique ingredients coming your way.

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