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Belly, balle balle! MAKE BELLY YOUR FRIEND

Thirst of science has led us to the micro/nano aspect of food nutrition but in the bargain, we have ignored the individual who makes all the difference. This is the same story in all aspects of life...

We have been caught up so much on the periphery (external) to the extent that the center (internal/ individual) is taken for granted. It is high time we start paying attention to the individual because when the individual evolves not only nutrition but also many facets of life will fall in place.

Please note that the individual who prepares/intakes food can mar the nutritional benefits of even the most nutritious organic food, processed in the best possible way.

Numerous studies have clearly shown that the molecular structure of food (even water) changes with the emotions we display. It is no wonder that we all love even the simplest of food cooked by our mother because the love and care she puts while preparing and serving food have changed the whole gestalt.

So, it is not what you eat but what eats you that matters. The basic change must be in YOU and not the other way around!

As mentioned in my previous articles, the extent of nutrition is directly proportional to the degree of metabolism.

Ayurveda mentions that our metabolism should always be preserved because of our health, life span, vitality, and immunity depends on it.

Metabolism is the root of our life and the root of metabolism is in our belly


😊 Belly balle balle – Make belly your friend😊

How to befriend the belly and improve metabolism/nutrition? Just three basic aspects...

As per this ancient wisdom, metabolism peaks at certain periods of time and that too for certain reasons, so one must make proper use of this gift from nature. During the day, it peaks between 10:00 to 14:00, so our heaviest meal should be during this time especially between 11:00 to 13:00.

Similarly, metabolism plays a big role at night between 22:00 to 02:00 – the role of removing toxins or detoxifying the body so that it invigorates for the next day. To get the maximum out of this natural detox process, dinner should be the lightest meal and one should hit the bed preferably before 22:00.

So, the first important aspect of proper nutrition is “SLEEP”. Yes, you read it right. Even though it is the most neglected aspect, “right sleep” is the simplest yet most crucial aspect for proper metabolism!

Sleep is not just a negation of waking but a foundation to our wellbeing including spiritual upliftment! As per yogic wisdom, you can use it for spiritual growth and unravel a treasure of information also.

It is no wonder that in Ayurveda, sleep is one of the (sub)pillars of health and it is mentioned in a chapter named Annaraksha vidhi – a chapter on food.

The next important aspect is the wholesome diet or pathya that I had mentioned in my previous articles. When we eat with the attitude of gratitude, the pathya concept not only improves metabolism but also will reveal our innate wisdom on food and its effect on us.

After exercising these two aspects how can one ignore exercise itself? Yes, exercise is the third crucial aspect for proper metabolism and here “exercise” is used as a general term as it also denotes work. So, if you want to improve metabolism or absorption of nutrition from food, work very hard and indulge in sports or exercise regularly. Furthermore, there are also various yogic postures, breathwork, kriyas and specific practices involving the belly to rekindle metabolism.

By these three aspects, you befriend your belly, improve metabolism and absorption of nutrition. The character of a friend is to do good states Sage Valmiki in the epic Ramayana - “Upakara phalam mitram”.

Just like a true friend, the first aspect reduces the burden (on the stomach) and gives enough space and time to detox naturally; in the second, there is respect and gratitude; while the last stimulates the dormant energy/potential.

Belly, balle balle!

Ayur Yoga   by Dr. Dhanraj G Shetty